Zinc For Acne

bannerIn the modern world, there exist different types of minerals, vitamins and even fatty acids that are considered as acne treatments. One of the minerals available for acne treatment is zinc. It can either be used as a cream or a supplement depending on the user’s preference.

Zinc as a mineral can be easily converted into zinc sulphate, zinc oxide and zinc gluconate. The good news is that all these forms of zinc can be used to cure acne. Why should someone use zinc as acne treatment? The following is a highlight why you should go zinc for acne treatment.

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1 Boosts The Immune System

Zinc for acne when taken as a supplement boosts the immune system to a considerable level. This acts as an effective way to treat acne since the major causes of acne are bacteria and overactive sebaceous glands. When the immune system malfunctions, it sometimes leads to over secretion of sebum by sebaceous glands. When excess sebum is secreted, it blocks all the skin pores and with time acne emerges. On the other hand, boosting of the immune system ensures that no bacteria enter through the skin to cause acne breakouts and hence it is one of the best acne prevention measures.

2 Anti-inflammatory

The anti-inflammatory nature of zinc mineral helps in healing and eradication of acne. This is because it reduces the release of histamine which inflames the pores on the skin. The skin’s swelling, redness, heat and pain are completely taken away immediately after taking zinc as a supplement or using it as a cream. It is therefore highly recommended to use zinc for acne cure as well as future acne prevention.

3 Healing Wounds

It has been found that zinc completely heals acne and its related skin infections. These include scars, pustules, cysts, nodules etc. After healing of acne, some acne products do not clear the scars that remain on the skin. However, zinc acts completely different. When the acne heals, continued application leaves the skin without any scar. This makes it be an outstanding product for acne eradication.

4 Controls The Production Of Oil By The Sebaceous Glands

Accumulation of sebum in the pores of the skin is one of the causes of acne. When excess sebum is released, it tends to dry while still in the pores making it difficult for skin’s free air circulation leading to acne formation. However, zinc controls the release of sebum and oils. This makes it easy for acne to heal. Additionally, opening of the pores ensures that acne recurrence in future does not happen again.

5 Non-allergic

The non-allergic nature of zinc makes a universal acne healer. This is because it does not react to skin whenever it is applied as a cream. Even when used as a supplement, it does not have any side effects. For the time being, no skin rashes, redness or swelling has been reported after using it. Therefore, it means that it is safe and outstanding acne eradicator.

6 Multiple Acne Eradicator

Acne can be caused by bacteria, dry accumulation of sebum and oil or even inheritance. It can also infect the face or at the back. Zinc for acne can be used to cure all these types of acne once and for all without recurrence. This makes it one of the best ways to kill acne bacteria, heal acne and ensure that it does not recur anymore.

7 Cleansing Properties

Zinc cream has deep cleansing properties that clears any excess sebum, oil, dead cells and bacteria on the skin. Moreover, it penetrates deeper into the skin to ensure that no bacteria are left alive to cause any acne recurrence.

Zinc for acne is therefore one of the most effective ways to eradicate acne as at present. It has cleansing properties, it is non-allergic, it can be used on both oily and non-oily skins, it has anti-inflammatory properties and boosts the immune system. All these ensure that acne is a thing of the past. In conclusion, with zinc, acne is no longer!

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