Baking Soda For Acne

bannerBaking soda is a chemical compound of sodium bicarbonate. It is basic in nature and this makes it applicable in many different fields, one being acne treatment. Development of acne especially on the face is one of the most frustrating situations to many people.

Due to this reason, the market is full of expensive products that are meant to cure acne. However, many acne sufferers are always disappointed since after buying the products, the acne never goes away.

Fortunately, baking soda has come very timely to protect people with acne from such exploitation. Since it is basic in nature, all acne bacteria are eliminated as they cannot survive in basic environment. Below is why baking soda for acne is an ultimate acne cure.

1 Exfoliation

Baking soda has one of the best exfoliation properties among acne treatments. It opens the skin pores that are clogged by dead skins, dust and oily secretions. By opening the skin pores, it seeps deeper into the skin up to the level where notorious bacteria could be hiding. By so doing, it ensures that acne recurrence is a thing of the past! Dead cells removal on the top layer of the skin leaves acne sufferers with a smooth skin with no acne marks at all.

2 No Irritation On The Skin

Baking soda application on the skin has been proved to be very friendly on both oily and non-oily skins. This means that it’s usable by every person without fear of a back clash reaction. It has basic properties that help in balancing the Ph of the skin. This unfavorable Ph creates a harsh environment for the survival of acne bacteria. Once the acne bacterium is brought under control, it means that acne heals with no further recurrence due to lack of acidic environment that favour their existence within the skin.

3 Clears Spots

After disappearance of acne, the remaining spots on the skin are cleared with continued application of baking soda. By taking one tablespoon of baking soda and then mixing it with it with three tablespoons of water, all oil trapped within the skin as well as pimple marks are completely healed. This leaves acne sufferers with spotless faces full of smiles.

4 Heals Acne On Both Oily And Non-oily Skins

Unlike other acne treatments that work on one type of skin; oily or non-oily, baking soda for acne eradicates any form of acne on both types of skins. This is due to the basic properties which help in balancing the Ph of the skin so as to create a hostile environment for survival of acne bacteria. Therefore, gone are the days when people used to look for dermatologists to determine their skin type for easy prescription of acne treatment. With baking soda, it is obvious that acne on both oily and non-oily skins shall be eradicated.

5 Eradicates All Acne Types

Acne can occur on the face, at the back or in any other part of the body. Acne can also be caused by different agents like bacteria, inheritance and blood toxins. These different types of acne have given dermatologists sleepless nights since different medications only work on specific acne. However, baking soda for acne is in a class of its own because it eradicates all acne types irrespective of the body part or the causative agent. This makes it an effective and one of the most powerful acne treatments that are in existence.

6 No side Effects

Unlike other acne treatments that cause side effects like burning sensation, skin rashes and redness, this powerful acne eradicator has not shown any of these side effects. This means that patients do not need to apply a little of it on skin to check if there is any side effects before using it. After buying it, the next step is to apply on all acne affected areas and await results.

It does not matter how long you have been suffering from cane, what caused the acne, what type of skin you have or how spread is acne on your skin. Baking soda for acne deals with all these issues to ensure that acne on any skin is eradicated without any future recurrence.